Building near lakes

The remodeling project we are currently working on is a family room/laundry room addition built on to the back of a 1927 Cape Cod house.  We are framing up the roof now but, there were many challenges getting started with this addition.  The property is located between two lakes and across the street from a pond. When we excavated for the full basement we hit the water table and about 18″ of black organic silty soil at the basement footing level.  We stopped the excavation and brought in a soil engineer who took soil samples and confirmed that we could build the one story addition if we removed and replaced the organic soil with compacted 3/4″ clear stone.  A structural engineer redesigned our footing, which was formed on top of the 3/4″ clear stone,  to be 30″ wide and 12″ deep with two rows of rebar.  The foundation wall was redesigned as well with two rows of continuous rebar in the top and bottom of the wall.  We raised the basement wall 8″ so we could keep the footing and drain tile around the footing out of the water table.

We installed drain tile on the exterior as well as the interior of the footing and connected it all to a 24″ deep x 30″ round sump basin.  So far the sump basin is dry.  Once we do the plumbing rough-in there will be a battery back up sump pump system installed to handle the spring thaw and the frequent heavy Wisconsin rains.

On my next blog I will tell you about the “green remodeling” features on this awesome addition.  For computer before and after renderings go to: