Green remodeling in Madison, WI

Heartwood Construction, LLC is currently working on its second Green Built Remodeled home.  The most recent remodeling project is a whole house remodel which includes gutting the entire interior and adding living space in the 2nd floor by building four functional dormers in the existing roof.

For its green remodeling projects, Heartwood Construction uses Green Built Homes’ checklist found at

One green aspect of my job which I love is re-using building materials in our remodeling.  On this job we are re-using all of the 2 1/4″ maple flooring that the owners removed.  There is nothing more satisfying than re-claiming maple flooring and witnessing how incredibly beautiful it is when it is sanded and re-finished.

If you do re-use hardwood flooring, one tip that I wish someone would have told me is expect to spend a lot of time cleaning the decades of dirt, wax, finish, etc that bonds itself to the edges of the flooring.  The system we found that worked the best is using a combination of a small belt sander and a sharp chisel and paint scrapper.

More to come on other green remodeling practices and materials used on this remodeling job!