Green Remodeling

As I mentioned on my last blog our current project is a family room/laundry room addition built onto an historic 1927 Cape Cod.  This is our first Green Built Home certified remodeled addition.  Green Built Home is part of Wisconsin Environmental Initiative that certifies new and remodeled homes to be built adhering to high green standards.  For a complete Green Built Home checklist go to:

Our remodeled home will include the following “green” features:

* the majority of the wood used to build the addition comes from Forest Stewardship Council certified mills;

* the addition will have re-claimed maple flooring;

* r-28 insulation in walls, r-50 insulation in ceiling, closed cell spray foam insulation in the addition box sills and advanced air sealing techniques used;

* we are re-using a double stain glass window and three original doors from the existing house in the addition;

* we employed framing techniques to save lumber (two foot on center studs and single top plates);

* Trex decking and deck rails are being used (Trex products are made from 50% recycled plastic bags and 50% re-claimed wood products);

* we are re-using all of the vinyl siding that we took off the house to partially side the new addition and;

* an independent organization is performing a pre and post home performance evaluation to check how well we did our work.

These are the more practical ways Heartwood Construction, LLC is striving to be Madison’s premiere  “Green remodeler”.

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